Add/Edit Event – Participant Registration

Step 7 Participant Registration


Online Registration Fee Payment Options

There are a number of options as to how you you wish to charge for the Tournament.  Please tick the option/s you will accept.

  • Register online but make payment to the Organiser
  • Charge a Pre Registry Fee  for applying to enter the event
  • For an event at some time in the future, allow the participant to pay a deposit and then make full payment nearer to the event
  • The Participant must pay in full when registering.


Registration Payment Policy

Enter any Terms you wish to impose on a Participant registering for this event, such as ‘Participation at the event will not be allowed unless full payment was received by the due date’


Registration Payment Options

Please use the checkboxes to select the types of payment you will accept.


Registration Fee

Please enter the amount you may wish to cover the cost of any online transactions costs. Alternatively you can include these costs within the overall Fee.


Registation Discount Code

If you wish to give a discount to Participants that may help you at the event, such as officials, enter a Code that you can give them, so that they can enter it during the registration process.


Registration Discount percentage

Enter the percentage discount from 0 to 100, you are offering  to these helpers.  If you enter 100, then this would give them Fee Entry.


Pre Registration Fee

If you select the Pre Registation option earlier, enter the  Pre Registration Fee.


Registration Deposit

If you are allowing Participants the option to only pay an initial deposit to reserve a space in the competition, then enter the Deposit amount.

You can then enter the last date that they must pay the Full amount in the box below.


Last Date for Deposit Final Payment

This is the last date that participant must pay any balance owing.  Failure to do so would mean thet their entry would get moved to the wating list.


Registration Waiting List

Tick the checkbox if you offer a wating list option.



Registration Cancelation Policy

Please state any Cancelation Terms you may wish to impose.


Last Date for Canceling Registration

Enter the date that after which no refunds will be given


Cancelation Admin Fee

If you wish to make a charge an Administration Fee for cancelling a registration, enter the amount.


Method for repaying refunds

Let the Participants know how any refunds will be repaid.


Save & Continue

When finished Click save and continue and move to Step 8

Note: You can always return to an earlier Step by clicking the appropriate Step in the left hand menu