Add Event – Terms & Review

Step 10 Terms

Please read carefully the Terms for requesting a Sanction for your Tournament from your Federation. These are specific to the Federation that will be Sanctioning the Event.

If in agreement please tick the ‘I Agree’ box and then use your cursor to put your signature in the box below.

Save & Continue

When finished Click save and continue and move to Step 10

Note: You can always return to an earlier Step by clicking the appropriate Step in the left hand menu

Step 11 Review

The review page will display all that you have entered for each competition. Please read this carefully.

If there are errors please go back and correct them before moving on to the Payment page.

If correct, Please Continue

When correct, Click continue. This will take you to the payment page.

The Fee for requesting your Sanction will be displayed based on the Level & Type of event you are holding.

Your payment will be taken through Stripe and paid to your Federation/Provincial Organisation if your Federation is Using WSconnect. If not, no Fee will be taken

Currently there is no way of your Federation digitally completing the IWWF Sanction Form but a separate printout with the relevant information will be sent to your Federation so they can fill out the IWWF Online Form

Copies of the form will be sent to the Event Organiser. Once your Event has been Sanctioned by your Federation then we will provide you with a link that will contain all your event details so that you can add this link to your website or Social media page. Viewers will also be able to see the same information on the World Water Skiers Tournament Calendar on their website.