Events List

This page has several fuctions

It lists all the events that you have created for the current year.  You can also move forward or back through the years to find past or future Events by clicking the arrows on either side of the year.

You can add New events by clicking the ADD Event button.  This opens the Sanction request form.  There are help notes on each page of the form.  These can be opened by clicking the ‘I’ icon in the top right hand coner of each page.

For events that you have not as yet submitted, you can either complete or edit by clicking the Finish button for that event.

You can manage your existing  Sanctioned events by clicking the respective Manage dropdown for the competition you want to manage

This dropdown has five options.

  • View the Event Page
  • Edit the Event
  • Review the Event information
  • Review those that have already registered for the competition.  Learn more
  • Duplicate the competion