Participant Registration Details

Participant Registration Details

Click the events button in the top menu

This will take you to your events calendar

To find out which competitions and disciplines each skier has registered for, you need to click the manage button of the respective event.

This will open a drop down. Mouse over the Participant button and click it.

A new page will open listing details of that particular event.

You will see that the page is divided into the same statuses as the other report.

However this time we show which events the skier has registered for including the number of rounds.

If you charging them by discipline then it will show the number of rounds that you are offering for that discipline, but if the competition is being charged by pull, then it will show the number of pulls that they have requested for that particular discipline.

Should they have registered for Jump, then it will also show the height at which they would like to jump at.

When the Participant Details page opens you will see a list of all the skiers that have entered the selected event.

Each event has been broken down into various Status’s against which the entries will be listed.

In each section we how the competition they have entered if there was more than 1.

The Reserved Entry Status are those entries that have been reserved but the skier has not yet paid for.

The Pending Entry Status are those where the skier says that they have made the payment through one of the bank transfer options but as yet you have not received the money or maybe it’s in your bank account but you have had a chance to process their entry. It will show whether these entries have been for the full payment or for a deposit payment if you have offered this option.

Deposit paid Status will show all those that have successfully paid a deposit but as yet not paid the balance.

Confirned Entries include all registrations that were either paid for by credit card and therefore no further action is needed, or they were pending but you have now received payment and have yourself changed their status to confirmed.

Waiting List entries are those entries that were received when an event was full but that the skier was happy to have his name put on the waiting list and will have made payment. Should the skier not be given an entry, then their entry fee would need to be refunded.

Cancelled entries will list those skiers that wish to withdraw from the event. Initially the skier will have requested to cancel their entry, but it is then up to you to decide whether you are prepared to accept it.

You can edit the Discipline that any skier has entered and also the number of pulls/rounds by clicking the three dots against that skier.