Add/Edit Event – General Event Info

Step 5 General Event information

Participant Registration Link

Use the drop-down to select the link as to where the Participants should go to register for the Event:

  • Wsconnect (For event Federations & organisers using WSconnect EMS)
  • USA Waterski.
  • No Online Registration available

Participant Registration Payment Method

If Online registration is offered, use the drop-down to select the payment method:

  • None
  • Check
  • PayPal
  • Zelle
  • Venmo


Participant Registration Payment Method Account


Your PayPal details are stored within your site profile and are pulled back automatically. However for the Check, Zelle & Venmo options, please type in the Account Name, Email address or Handle.


Tournament Status

Use the drop-down to select the Status of your Tournament.

  • Active
  • Postponed
  • Cancelled

Active is the default Status, but if at a later date you decide to postpone or cancel your Tournament, then you can change it here and it will display the appropriate message in our Calendar.



Event Entry

Event Entry Open Date.

Use the calendar picker to enter the date when skiers can start Registering for the event.

Event Entry Deadline.

Use the calendar picker to enter the last date skiers can enter without paying the late entry fee.

Tow Boats

Use the drop-down to select the Boat and Speed Control for your Event. If you are using more than one Boat model then click the ‘Add boat button’ and create a further boat model.


Event Notes

Type in any additional information you want to tell the skiers about your event.


Practice Schedule

Please state the times and cost of practice sessions that you are offering if any.

Please note that if you are copying and pasting any pre-formatted text into this box and it does not match the text that you may have typed in, then if you select the text you want to reformat and then click the ruler icon at the right hand end of the Formatting menu above, it will remove the previous formatting.


Schedule Notes

Please add any information regarding the scheduling of events, especially the start and finish times for each day of the event.


Event Rules

Please add any specific rules you are adding or deleting from your Federations or IWWF rules, as applicable.

Event Website & Official Social Hashtag

Website: Please type in the full URL of your website starting with http:// or https:// as applicable

Hashtag: Please type in your Official Social Hashtag if any.

Official and Other Hotels

If you have not done so you will first need to add in these details into your site profile. We have provided you with a direct link to that page.

If you have listed any accommodation in your site profile then these will be displayed either as Official Hotels or Other Hotels. Please use the check boxes to display those that you want to promote for this event.

Accommodation Information.

Screenshot 5.10

Please add any additional Accommodation information you need to in this text box.


Spectator Information

Please add any additional Spectator information you need to in this text box.

Save & Continue

When finished Click save and continue and move to Step 6

Note: You can always return to an earlier Step by clicking the appropriate Step in the left hand menu